Where Are The Teslas?


And, they are usually driving that Vette at ~10 mph under the speed limit.


I was heading to the lumber yard today and actually saw a Tesla in my little town. I couldn’t tell if they were young or old but looked bundled up. It was 20 degrees out. New car 21 day sticker on it so must be new. They were heading for the freeway so hope they made it. The nearest charging station is at least 40 miles away.


I’ve seen this picture of “porta-power” and could not resist:



I live in a tourist town 60ish miles by ferry and road from Seattle. We get loads of them on weekends from the tech areas of greater Seattle/Bellevue/Redmond . We also have the highest percentage of electric cars registered in our county of any in the state. Not an unusual sight here. Public charging stations on the main drag and at the food co-op here for example.