Seen Any Tesla's?


Tesla Motors claims they are building and delivering thousands of their Model 3 cars yet there are stories floating around the internet seeming to contradict this claim…But one thing for sure, here in Denver which a car-crazy town, I have yet to see one…Has anyone noticed even a small number of Tesla’s out on the road, in the parking lot, anywhere ??


I have seen quite a few Teslas in Austin, TX. Much more common there than other places I’ve been.


I am seeing at least several a week in Utah.


Tesla S are pretty common here. The X much less so. I’m starting to see the 3 pretty often, there’s one in the lot at work.

Me, I’d go for a Bolt.


Tesla limited its deliveries to CA for the Model 3 initially, and is still leaning heavily towards the Left Coast. I’ve seen two Model 3s so far and I live in a place where there are many Tesla vehicles. Little known fact, Tesla still charges the delivery & Doc fees for owners who take delivery at the Fremont factory.


Just speaking for my area and travels over most of OK I can say that I have yet to ever see a Tesla of any model.


I’ve seen a number of S and D’s one X and one Model 3 here where the sun never quits and solar energy could actually be used to power your Tesla…

If you had enough solar panels and if you parked it at home during daylight hours…


Plenty of model 3’s among the other ones here in Southern CA. Looked closely at a few in the parking lots and I see a lot of uneven gaps between the panels. If I was shopping for a used car, I would assume these were in a bad accident and then had a sloppy fix.


At least 3 of the model3’s here in Olympia so far and you see truckloads of Tesla’a on the way to Seattle about once a week on I-5.


I’ve seen a couple of 3s over the last week or two. Didn’t think they were all that pretty. And why copy Mazda’s name?

A white Model S tailgated me pretty aggressively down the highway last week. If there wasn’t other traffic around I would have been sorely tempted to brake test him. (No, I wouldn’t have).


Obviously you were slowing down his mission of saving the planet. Prius’ (Priuii??) seem to do that, too.


I usually see anywhere from 3 to 5 Model S Teslas each week.
Unfortunately, I am seeing even more of their (IMHO) ugly Model X SUVs on a regular basis.
In my local area, I have seen–I think–a total of 4 Model 3 Teslas.


My nephew just took delivery of a Tesla 3. He paid about $42,000 before rebates. He is in his 20s and is a nuclear safety technician. Works with very smart people, and gets free charging at the power station.

He likes the car’s handling and power. Plans to get married in the near future and we hope he has not planned a long honeymoon tri[p.

On our street there is a Tesla 1 belonging to a doctor.


Two Tesla 3’s, one Tesla S, one Chevy Volt and one Chevy Bolt on my block, in the SF Bay Area.


I see a few Model S’s a week on the commute back and forth from work. Few Model 3’s though, it’s about a once or twice a month occurrence. The only Model X I’ve seen is a regular at Cars & Coffee, the owner has programmed it to do an automated dance (of sorts) where he’ll stand a few yards in front of it, he’ll tap something on his cell phone, the car will come to him, whilst the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s rendition of Carol of Bells blares from the sound system, the lights flash on and off and the doors open and close continuously for the duration of the performance.



It’s gotten to where I see a Model 3 almost daily. Sometimes multiple per day. I still see more Model S’s than 3’s, but then the S has been out a lot longer.


I see them daily during my commute. Most are Model S, and I see a Model Xs as well. I’ve never seen a Roadster, though.


I’ve seen dozens of model 3’s on the road. Not an uncommon thing at all. Tesla’s in general are a major component of the traffic here in San Jose. Of course this is where they are manufactured, so maybe they are a little less expensive here, less shipping costs added on, don’t know about that. I noticed just the other day a nearby neighbor has a model 3 parked in their driveway.


Sounds like they are pretty much concentrated on the West Coast…