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When stopping loud pop jerked wheel to right, stalled, restarted, loud clanking from then on

friend was driving with cruise control, braked due to slower traffic, re-accelerated to speed. Braked for stop sign, (said she did not think car was going to stop) while breaking there was a loud pop and wheel jerked to the right, engine stalled. When restarted there is a loud clanging or banging noise. The noise does not stop.

I strongly urge you (her) to NOT drive this vehicle until the problems has been diagnosed and repaired. I plead with you to heed my advice. Something on her chassis has snapped. There’s a very good chance that this car is unsafe.

What broke is hard to guess. There are a number of possibilities. It needs to be towed to a good shop and repaired.

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This shouldn’t be hard for a mechanic to find but it is pretty hard to diagnose over the air.