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Thumping Hyundai

Hello out there!

My parents have a 2010 Hyundai Sonata. About a month ago my mom noticed that when she starts to brake, the car stops fine but then it stops again almost, with a loud thunk. The best way to describe it is that you press down the brake, the car stops, then a few seconds later the car feels like it is lunging forward and stopping again with a sudden thump. (Although I don’t think it really actually moves at all).

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Check to make sure the spare tire is secured. I fixed a couple of problems like this simply by tightening up the spare.

Any idea where the noise is coming from? Front or back? Left or right?

That sounds like a transmission problem. Get it to the dealer while the drivetrain is still under warranty.


Thanks Everyone! I think we are just going to take it to the dealer-- I appreciate all of your suggestions!

I noticed with my Sonata that the pedals seemed to be very close and the same height. Many times I don’t move my foot far enough to the left and while I am breaking I am still pushing the accelerator. Big feet plus Korean engineer equals not enough room.