Problem HELP!

Ok, I just bought a 2005 Chevy Avalanche with 30,000 miles. When I bought it a week later I started hearing a loud popping noise when I turn the steering wheel. After I got it back the popping noise is still there but only when the truck is moving and i am turning the wheel. I have told my dealership and they keep telling me nothing is wrong. However I know there is.

Also my second problem is I just got my 30,000 mile service done. however when i return home from vacation odometer says to service stablity. when i take it in they say there is no codes in the computer and nothing is wrong.

So I was wondering if anyone else knew or have an idea what is wrong.

BTW I sold my Jeep!

keep describing the noise.

and you need to be clearer on the odometer. service. stablity. these three words don’t make sense. what exactly are you trying to say?

do you mean the instrument cluster has a warning light on? which light?

On my truck the DIC (Driver Informatin Center) Pops up and says to Service Stability. There is no light that has come on.

The noise happens when I am backing up and driver forward and I turn the wheel and it sounds like loud popping noise that could be compared to a very quite gun shot!
It also sound like somthing is popping out of place! I not sure how to describe it.

The Stability system is a roll-over prevention system. There may be a faulty sensor.

You may want to try another shop for the popping noise.(you don’t need a dealer for this repair).

Make sure you go with the tech when you test drive the truck when trying to find this noise.

Ok on the noise is sounds like a thud or something in that nature but doesn’t always happen.

Now I have taken it to 2 different mechanics and they can’t explain whats wrong with the Stability there is no computer codes nothing. It has been serviced!
The Stability System I was told is my traction control. So I am alittle Confused now…

does the popping noise happen on smooth surfaces?

have you had new tires put on recently?

have you had a brake job done recently (just prior to the stability light coming on?)

by any chance is this an AWD vehicle? have you had some tires replaced, but not all?

There is a TSB for the steering column on the NHSTA website

Make / Models : Model/Build Years:
GMC / YUKON 2001-2006

Service Bulletin Number : 3243
NHTSA Item Number : 10010873
Summary Description :

It appears to be a problem with the Intermediate Steering Shaft. Here are some links to discussions of the problem.

A random thought, the Traction Control light would occasionally come on in our 98 Windstar if it was put in reverse without releasing the parking brake first.

Good luck,

Ed B.

The noise happens on any surface.

No new tires and no brake job

This is a 2wd only truck

I just had the steering Gearbox replaced and they said everything else was ok?
Isn’t this Steering shaft connected to the steering gearbox??
The Traction Control light only comes on when i disable the Stability.
That worry’s me that it keeps saying Service Stability and no one knows why!

edb1961 did quite a bit of research for you. Why don’t you go to his response one block above your last response and click on those links about your truck’s problem? Then, after reading them, if you have further question, ask them.

Ok now, after a few posts we get more information to work with.

Now you’re thinking just MAYBE the thunking noise is not a ‘popping’ noise.

The intermediate shaft issue edb posted about has been around for quite some time.

At first blush, GM suggested filling up the slight gap at the bottom of the shaft with grease, which they did and so did lots of GM truck owners. It’s mostly a short lived cure.

There is another shaft available (aftermarket I believe) for about $200 and apparently isn’t hard to do. is one site that has had this subject hashed to death.

I have the same slight thunk in my ‘02 Tahoes’ steering as well but doesn’t bother me.

BTW, this is NOT a safety issue as nothing will happen to the steering.

The ‘stability’ system is part of the ABS (Anti-lock Brake Control) and the TCS (Traction Control System). When I mentioned checking for a possible sensor fault, I was thinking of a faulty wheel sensor.