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When is ABS engaging in my Ridgeline?

When does the ABS engage on 2018 Honda Ridgeline RTL with AWD. I’m told a clunking noise made by my truck is the ABS engaging

It would help if you said who told you it was the ABS. That should only be when you are really braking hard . Could you be talking about the readiness test at first start up and driving.? And if you have not brought this up with the dealer you should so they will have a record of your problem.

The vehicle is new. Use your warranty.

If you don’t believe their assessment, ask to test drive another Ridgeline.
If that one does the same, accept that it is normal.


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If you brake firmly on a slippery surface like gravel the ABS should activate and help keep the vehicle from spinning out. You’ll hear and feel a rapid rat-tat-tat.

Are you referring to a noise that you hear shortly after a cold start and then driving a few feet?
If that is the case, then what you are hearing is the normal ABS self-test.
If you are referring to a noise that you hear when you are cruising along, then it is neither the ABS self-test, nor is it anything to do with ABS.
WHEN, and under what circumstances do you hear this noise?