When did the Camry switch to an Electronic Throttle Control/Throttle Actuator Control?

Does the 2002 Camry V6 XLE have an IAC or not?

@db4690 pointed out in http://community.cartalk.com/discussion/2299955/2002-toyota-camry-v6-stall-when-stopping/p1 that the 2005 Camry doesn’t have an IAC. I’m just curious. Does my Camry have an IAC? When did Camry switch away to ETC?

The 2002 Camry has electronic throttle control, no IAC.


  1. General
    The ECM drives the throttle control motor by determining the target throttle valve opening in accordance
    with the respective vehicle operating condition.
    Idle Speed Control
    Shift Shock Reduction Control
    Cruise Control

  2. Idle Speed Control
    Controls the ECM and the throttle valve in order to constantly effect ideal idle speed control.

Thanks @Nevada_545‌ .

I think you can tell by looking at your throttle body. If there are no throttle cables going to it, it is throttle-by-wire (ETC).

I’ll go a little off-topic

The early Benz electronic throttles were somewhat of a hybrid

There was a cable going from the accelerator pedal to the accelerator pedal position sensor, which was under the hood. And the throttle body was motorized, no cables, no separate TPS or IAC

My fault you have the first year of ects, I thought the switch was in 03. That’s what I get for using rock autos catalog instead of TIS.

Thanks a lot, folks. I’m learning so much.