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No IAC valve or crazy mechanic?

Several people have recommended to me that my mechanic should clean my IAC valve to stop my '98, 4-cylander Camry LE’s new stalling problem. However, when I called my mechanic, he said that was one of the first things he thought of and that my car “doesn’t have an IAC valve.” Is he right, or crazy???

Note: With NO history of this happening before ever, my car suddenly started stalling every time that it idles. As long as I’m using the accelorator, it is fine. Everything else runs perfectly.

Cars that have ETC (also known as throttle by wire) usually don’t have any IAC valve because the computer just controls the main throttle valve to set the idle speed. So, yes some cars don’t have IACs. However, I don’t know if your car would be one of those or not. I didn’t think Toyota had ETC in 98, but I’m not positive.

Re-reading your description, it seems very likely to me that (1) your car does have an IAC, and (2) it is likely to be your problem.

I told you! Your cars engine has an Idle Air Control motor! Your mechanic is either crazy or doesn’t know what IAC motor looks like or where it is located. And if you want to replace it, here’s where you can purchase one.