Noisy Subaru

Hi?We have a 2002 Subaru Forester. Lately, often when we make a right turn without stopping or veer to the right (as if we are getting on a freeway off ramp) there?s a metallic clanging/rattling sound from the front-center to the front-right side of the car. The sound is especially noticeable when press the accelerator as you?re coming out of the turn. It also sometimes happens if we?re on the freeway and speed up quickly (if heavy traffic suddenly clears, for example).

Our mechanic has looked at it twice and said that everything seems to be tight and nothing seems to be missing, but we?re a little concerned. If anyone has any idea, it?d be greatly appreciated.

I would suspect the CV joint on your right front axle.
However, this could also be as simple as a loose heat shield on the exhaust system.

One problem is with your description of the noise. One person’s clanging/rattling is another person’s buzzing/vibrating, or some other description. Noises are very difficult to describe accurately, thus leading to problems with diagnosis.

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I’m getting a metal rattle sound when I go 20 mph upon acceleration. Sounds like loose heat shield or exhaust like you say. You tube shows how to check loose shield and how to clamp it or screw it but since I’m a 68 year old woman, it’s hard for me to do these days but I might.