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Bearing noise only when moving forward with right turn and accelerating

Guys, I have an interesting problem. I have a 2001 Subaru Forester L.
The car makes a rattling (sounds like bearing skipping) noise only when accelerating and turning right.
Turning right without accelerating, no noise. So I avoid noise by accelerating straight and turning right with a foot off the accelerator. In reverse, no issues turning left or right with acceleration. Moving forward, left, straight, all fine.
It only makes noise when turning right and accelerating. It sounds like it is coming from the front right side but I could be wrong. I never heard it from outside so…
My first thought was CV joint right? Well, I replaced front left and right CV joints and right wheel bearing about a year ago but it could be a bad installation. Any advice?

If you used re-manufactured axles, then you probably have a bad CV joint. Remans just don’t last.


Check the heat shields and exhaust system for rattles etc. motor mounts maybe even, first before moving on to more expensive stuff

With the year of the vehicle…it could be a bad motor mount.
When accelerating the engine would twist on the mounts more that should be. This could cause some moving part to run…causing the noise.


Sounds like a CV joint problem to me.

I had almost this exact problem about 6 months ago and it ended up being a CV joint.