Wheel studs


i have a 1969 cutlass S,.,.my wheels studs were loose so i removed them,.,.but my wheel hub has a problem, it no longer has the thred that it should, so the studs still fit but will not stay tight.,.,and i cant seem to find another wheel hub,.,.,.so should i just get new wheel studs and weld them to by hub,.,…,is that safe,.,.,.


Here’s my opinion- the stud shoulders are knurled to do two things, keep them from turning as you tighten the lug nut and for convenience when you remove the wheel, they stay in position. Your lug nuts got loose and that wore away the knurling and/or wallowed out the holes. You can try new studs if the shoulders of the ones in there now are worn away and the holes look OK. If the holes are toast, the main thing is to get the wheel mounted to insure that the studs are properly located before tack welding them in place. You won’t be the first, it’s been done before.

BTW- especially with alloy wheels, you want to revisit the lug nuts shortly after inintially torquing them down. They tend to loosen up over time and can lead to this problem.


The front wheel hubs look to be available :


Or is this rear you need ?