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Damage after replacing tires

So I got four new tires on my 92 f150. A day after driving it around. My hub starts going bad. That same day. I notice three wheels studs are broken. So I’m wondering if not tightening or over tightening cussed this. It was great before I took in for new tires. Then a day later my hub goes out. I put 60 miles on the new tires.

The hub could be coincidental, The broken wheel studs are most curious. Fill us in on more details please

What kind of details, do you need?

“hub going bad” ? what does this mean? going bad how?

How did you notice wheels studswere broken? What were you doing at the time?

How many miles on this F150?

Where did you get the tires mounted?


When you have tires replaced, and then all of a sudden have problems with hubs and lug studs failing, something must have gone wrong during the tire replacement.


It just made a loud metal grinding noise. Metal on metal. Sounds like the hub bearings grinding. There a wheel hub cover that’s hold on by the wheels studs. Driving at 10 MPH and it flew off. I saw it by the side mirror. And I pull over grab it and checked all the tires and notice the front driver side missing three wheel studs. And one missing a wheel nut. And those hubs where perfectly fine a day before.

It has locking hubs on it as well.

Whoever replaced your tires messed up.

Plain and simple.


Someone could have used a sledge hammer to get the wheel to release after taking the nuts off the studs. They are often stuck. Overtightening the studs with a power driver is also suspect. Does this shop have qualified personnel?

Apparently not.

I’m not defending them, but it could been a rookie mistake. I taken 4 different cars to them for new tires and each time they help me out a lot. Better then the dealership.

I can’t really picture this hub at the moment . . .

An idiot that used to work in our shop did something “interesting” a few years ago

He buggered up one of the studs on a 4x4 truck. He didn’t fix it. He didn’t replace. He just left it in place, without a nut. It was also the front hub, by the way

Sure enough, that stud moved back and caused a lot of damage

Sounds like whoever replaced the tires on OP’s truck really . . . . . ed the pooch, so to speak

I suspect this idiot KNOWS they messed up, and simply didn’t tell anybody. Or maybe they did tell somebody, but that other person just brushed it off

Anthem 13-Have you contacted the tire shop and if so what did they have to say?

Maybe they’ll blame it on “the new guy” . . . we’ve all heard that lame excuse before :frowning:

They are going get it towed tomorrow to the shop free of charge and look at it. I’m not sure what they are going to do, as they don’t know the damage yet.

These are pics I took of it to show them. Its a 92 Ford f150 v8 5.0L with front locking hubs.

First pic show one of the broker wheel studs out of three broken. And second pic has the two lose wheel nuts. You cant see it but the wheel (rim) holes are warped. From the unbalanced tire from being over torqued or under torqued.

From the pictures the lug nuts are loose, very loose. Did someone inspect the hub failure, if so how did they miss the loose lug nuts?

The good news is that the grinding noise could easily have been coming from the wheel flexing against the hub. The bad news is that this wheel is extremely unsafely attached and should not be driven on. I recommend you write a detailed letter with photos to the shop that installed the tires (let them know you’ll be submitting the repair bill to them), have it towed to a reputable shop, have the studs replaced, the hub checked for looseness of the bearings (just in case, although I suspect they’re okay), photograph and document EVERYTHING, and then take the bill to the shop that installed the tires for reimbursement. Clearly someone there didn’t know what they were doing and should not have been doing this work unsupervised.

Let them know that if they refuse to cover the repair you’ll be submitting a formal complaint to the state Attorney General’s office. Nobody want the AG’s office looking into them.

That wheel does not look to be in safe condition and maybe it’s just me, but are those the right lugs for those wheels? Something about them comes across as a bit odd.

Granted, I did not go digging into the internet for comparison purpose so maybe I’m wrong.

Aren’t all Ford trucks equipped with 6 bolt hubs?