Wheel speed sensor

need a bit of info on wheel speed sensor or abs sensor. 03 vue. has ABS but this car also is available without abs and in that case, there is a wheel speed sensor at the right front wheel which is used to determine vehicle speed. none can say for sure if the abs car and non-abs car both use the same right front sensor. since the saturn is a dead brand and the vue was a low selling saturn it is a double cursed car. i am getting a constant abs light. cheap code reader will not read any codes. seems i need to find a better code reader or pay garage to tell me code. the wheel sensor can be removed from knuckle. after you remove wheel bearing. nice design. i measured resistance of both front sensors. my meter says no resistance. i set meter to continuity and i get a value of 1800 or so. on each sensor. i am not sure why i get a VALUE when i measure continuity? is this a function of the type of sensor? it is a proximity sensor? should it have resistance? or not?


So you set the dmm to read resistance and you got 1800 ohms?

That sounds like the sensors could be good

Here’s the next thing to do:

Put car on 4 jackstands
Set dmm up to read AC voltage
Connect dmm to sensor connector
Spin tires as fast as you can, BY HAND
Realistically, each sensor should comfortably produce at least 600 millivolts
Both sensors should produce roughly the same voltage

How many rear sensors do you have?

When I set it to ohms, I get zip. My Vom is a pos. so I set it to continuity and I don’t get yes/no, I get a number. The 1800. I have no idea what units this number is. Continuity does not have a value. It’s either and open circuit or not.


“My Vom is a pos.”

Please explain

You are supposed to measure the resistance of the sensor, not the continuity

The continuity check is to check fuses, bulbs, etc.

It is a $6 harbor freight deluxe model. Yes, it is digital and the numbers move occasionally. I set it to resistance, ala ohms. I get no value on 3 different sensors. It does not say 1 ohm or 10,000 ohms. Vom does not seem to respond at all. So, I fall back to my fail safe, which is continuity to check to see if I have a broken wire or such. And than I get a 1800 value. My point is, continuity should not have a VALUE. It’s either open circuit or not. So I tried the ac mode on one of the rear wheels and I did get a rising value. Think it was at .1 to start and when I spun wheel it went to .2 or .3. I believe my range was set to 200ac? I was holding 2 probes with 1 hand and spinning wheel with 2nd hand. So I am not 100% sure what ac reading was but it did go up

200 millivolts is not enough. Hold the leads while someone else spins the wheel as fast as possible

Well, spinning drum by hand was maybe 60 rpm? Or 8mph? I think 60mph is 700rpm? I start car and get abs light right away. In park of course. So I am not moving. So what is computer looking at? With 4 wheels stopped, 0 rpm. Is I looking at each sensor for “system check”?


That was good information. Thanks

Likely possibilities:

Faulty wheel speed sensor (open circuit, excessive resistance, etc.)
Some kind of blown fuse
Faulty ABS relay

A dirty tone ring isn’t detected until the ABS module sees wheel speed

Any possibility of rodent damage to wheel speed sensor wiring?