Saturn vue ABS

03 saturn vue, 3.0 V6, fwd. am getting abs light. turns out you can get vue with and without abs. you look up info on front hub assy and they show hubs with and without the abs sensor. the vue is special. you can remove the VSS sensor from hub. why they call it ABS sensor or VSS is confusing. maybe on vues without abs it is called vss? point is, dont ALL vues have the VSS at each wheel? i looked at 2 different 02-03 vues in junkyard. 1 was the evil CVT trans and the other was a manual trans vue. too bad neither was the V6 model like mine. neither had any wire harness at front hub. so how do they read vehicle speed? i know the CVT trans is evil, a real piece of junk. maybe it reads vehicle speed internally?

Most vehicles use an output speed sensor on the transmission to calculate vehicle speed.

Rock auto may have the wheel speed sensor you need, the ones listed aren’t expensive.

All at Saturn website say each front wheel has VSS sensor. I took off my wheel today and it does have sensor. As you would expect.