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Abs wheel sensor 2010 ford focus

Abs light is on, had a scan done at oriellys, they said no signal from front right sensor. I put a new sensor in, light stayed on. I had another scan done. Still reporting no signal from front right.
I’ve been poking around with my multimeter, but can’t see any voltage from any of the sensors on the car when I spin the wheels.
Does anyone know the proper way to test or diagnose the wheel speed sensors or abs unit?

You either use a scanner that’s capable of monitoring the signal from the wheel speed sensor, or a scope-meter to monitor the signal.


Could be the wiring is bad from the sensor to the computer, the thing the sensor senses is faulty , or the spacing between the sensor and the thing it senses is too much of a gap. Making sure the sensor is actually producing the signal shown in the post above when the wheel is turning is the common sense first thing to do.