Abs sensor

Abs light is on. Car is in park. So, abs system has failed initial system check. This vehicle has wheel speed sensors that can be replaced separate from wheel bearings. How does computer measure what is wrong with the sensors? IF sensor actually IS the issue?


The ABS module checks the resistance of the sensors when you turn on the ignition

It may have read sky high resistance . . . open circuit

But there are other possibilities . . . best to get the code read

How does sensor work? There is a sensor next to knotched ring on wheel. As wheel speed increases, I think there is a rising ac voltage. Starts at 0 and rises to 600mv or so? I think u can put Vom on sensor and spin wheel and watch voltage rise.

How do you know it’s a sensor issue?

Anything, from low brake fluid in the master cylinder to an electrical or hydraulic failure in the ABS control module to a blown fuse can cause the light to stay on. Scan for codes before doing or touching anything, and let us know what the codes indicate.


You are absolutely correct about the ac voltage generated while spinning the wheel

I still suggest that you get the code read

you need a scan tool that can read abs codes not all part stores have a scan tool that can read abs or srs codes