Wheel Repair

Dear Tom and Ray

Something hit my left rear wheel when I drove on route 16. Then the tire got flat. I brought it to a tire store, and was told the left rear wheel got a small dent and a small cracle, that’s why the tire got flat. They recommanded me a rim and wheel repair garage who quoted me $170 to fix it. I shopped around, and another garage quoted me $75 to fix it, told me there is 10% of chance the wheel can’t be fixed. Also, the wheels are after macket product, which production is discontinued and no that kind of wheel can be found. If I have to get a new rim, would it be safe to just get one wheel? My car is front wheel driving, and the mechanican tried to assure me it would be okay to replace the left rear wheel with a samilar wheel. What would be the right thing for me to do now? Would you recommend me a good wheel repair garage close to Watertown, MA?

Thanks a million!


You will be lucky to get ANYONE to fix it. $75 is a joke and $170 is still way to cheap to properly repair a cracked alloy wheel. It will have to be Heli-arced and machined. That will not be cheap.

thanks for your reply. Do you mean the only way I can do is to replace the wheel? The thing is they can’t find the exactly same wheel to replace it. Do I have to change four wheel? For a front-wheel-drive car, would it be safe to use a samilar but not the same left rear wheel?

Replace the left rear wheel with a similar wheel.

As long as the offset, the rim size (diameter and width) and the bolt pattern as the same as the other three your car will never know the difference.

Usually repair service is mobile and appears at dealerships and even small tire shops. It is a speciality trade. I would ask your make’s dealer if they provide the service or who they use.