Wheel problems in a 2004 cavalier

I have a 2004 Cavalier, with 60k miles. When I accelerate from a dead stop, sometimes it doesn’t go and the low trac light comes on. If I don’t accelerate very slowly or if I turn the steering wheel too sharply it stalls out. Most of the time I end up with 3 lights on- ABS, trac off and service. But no check engine light. Any ideas? Thanks.

loose left side wheel harness, my mechanic cleans the connection, reseats it & it’s fine for many months until it gets loose again. I have 116K+ on my 2004 & not worth it to me to replace. when starting out & I get the low trac light, I wait until it goes out, then slowly start forward again. sometimes the other 3 lights come on, then i’ll straighten the front wheels, turn off the car & restart it. most of the time this works. I think chevy dealer wanted 400-600 to replace.

Could be a problem with a wheel speed sensor.