Please help! 04' chevy cavalier`

Like I said, 04 cavalier automatic… Bought it used over 200thousand miles, but in PERFECT SHAPE, engine is beautiful… No leaks that I could tell from the ground. Just put on new rotors & breaks,… Now the problem… under neath my petals sounds like doo doo doo doo, like a really big fan, & Its hard to accelerate at 35-55mph… when i do it has to like catch up with itself, as if not going into 2nd gear, I know nothing about cars, so im decribing the best i can… Its also been sucking gas like crazy… but no leaks? All my lights are lit up… ABS trac off, service, & check engine. One guy said the noise is someone impacted on my aluminium rims too tight & they could be bent, it was very hard for him to get my tire off to change rotors… Any ideas or cost to fix? PLEASE HELP, && THANK YOU!!

You have to find out first why the Check Engine light is on. Some parts stores will connect a code reader to the vehicle and pull any codes for free. So call around to get that done.

Until it’s known what’s causing the Check Engine light to come on, it’s anyone’s guess.


I honestly cannot tell from your post whether your Check Engine Light is on or not, but you should follow Tester’s advice and have it checked anyway. ECUs can and do store codes.

One other suggestion I’ll make is to check your transmission fluid, both for its level (see your owner’s manual for instructions) and for blackness or burnt smell. It sounds like your tranny may be shot.

One thing for sure…it isn’t your wheels. The “guy” was probably just miffed because someone had overtightened the lugs. And I don’t blame him for being so.

breakes is spelled brakes


It’s the new spelling

Look at the way OP’s “name” is spelled

But, Marc, when they break they don’t brake! Then I suppose one could call them breaks!