2004 Chevrolet Cavalier - Vibrates after 65 MPH

I recently purchased a 2004 Cavalier with only 40K miles on it. The car runs fine until it approaches 65 mph when a slight vibration starts and gets much worse as the speed is increased. Someone recently replaced the front brakes and struts. I know that it is not a tire or wheel balance problem. Any ideas?

How do you know it’s not a tire or wheel balance issue?


I spent 20+ years in the auto repair business and more than 10 of those years were in the tire industry. I am
very familiar with vibrations caused by wheel and tire issues. I am not familiar however, with front wheel drive

failures. If this were a rear wheel drive vehicle I would suspect drive shaft, u joint or bearing problems. It is
that kind of vibration (very fast and fine shake).

And that whole time you never saw a front wheel drive vehicle ? As for not being a wheel or tire problem it seems that moving tires from back to front would be a good first step .