Wheel Bearings and Warped Rotors

We recently had the wheel bearings replaced on our 2006 Pontiac G6. Now all of a sudden the car shakes when you engage the brakes and we had it diagnosed as warped brake rotors on the front. My question is does one cause the other? To me they seem to be caused by different issues, but I am trying to figure out if they could be related.

Yes, one could cause the other if the job wasn’t done right. I’m not familiar specifically with the G6 but generally the rotor is removed to replace a wheel bearing.

No pedeal pulsation before bearing replacement and now you have pulsation, this really looks related. But it could be related only in the sense that they over torqued your wheels and warped your rotors.

What was the reason for the bearing replacement? Going by year/model this failure sure came early. Did the bearing replacement solve the original problem?

Have the shop that did the wheel bearings pull the rotors back off the car and clean up the rust and scale on the back side of the hat of the rotor, then do a runout test. The runout could have been acceptable when they were mated to the old bearings, but putting a bunch of rust and scale against a new, rust free hub can definitely cause a great deal of runout, causing a pulsation. It’s more likely that than to suddenly have warped brake rotors, and would certainly be related to the job.

The rotors come off for a wheel bearing change and if they didn’t properly torque the wheel bolts again and over tightened them, that could cause the rotor to warp. I always retorque my wheel nuts myself after a shop gets done with them.