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Shakin' & Bumpin'

My 2005 Dodge Caravan back drum brakes were making a thumping sound when applied & going downhill. I attempted to remove the rear drums, but could not get them off due to massive rust & then one of the cylinders started to leak. Due to time constraints, work, etc., I had to have my local mechanic do the job: new shoes, cylinders, drums( no one turns drums/rotors anymore). Afterward, when driving and braking at higher speeds, I was getting pulsation in the brake pedal. I had to return the car several times because I was then getting a popping/clicking sound in the rear brakes even at very low speeds which eventually disappears. Mechanic says it’s possible that front rotors are warping/warped. They only have about 20K miles on them. I had put them on & use the best rotors/pads, so I find that hard to believe. Mechanic says nothing wrong with rear brakes.I’m baffled by this and am trying to find what the causal factors are here. Any thoughts?

Any pulsation/vibration in the steering wheel when you brake? This would potentially indicate warped front rotors.

How many miles on the front rotors? Wheels ever been over-tightened?

Yes, some pulsation in steering wheel. 20-22k on front rotors. And, I drive easy; not a speedster; have a light touch on brake pedal.

Pulsation in steering wheel while braking = warped front rotors.

Causal factor could be overtighted wheels, overheating, thin cheap rotors.

You can also get pulsation/shaking on braking from worn front end parts such as bad wheel bearings or tie rods. If it hasn’t been done recently, it would be good to have a front end/alignmnent shop check that out.

As for the rotors, even good ones can have problems for a number of different reasons - e.g. improper/uneven lug nut torque, unevenness from rust or whatever on the hub/rotor mounting surface, dragging brakes creating too much heat due to sticky calipers/caliper slides or deterioration in flexible brake lines impeding fluid flow (either in or out).