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Wheel Bearing Warranty

I have a 2007 PT Cruiser. The car had a humming noise above 40 MPH. The dealer said it was a bad wheel bearing but not to worry because it should be covered under the lifetime powertrain warranty. He called back a little later and said that wheel bearings were not covered by Chrysler. What gives? I know GM covers bearings and they are considered part of the drivetrain. Anyone else have a similar issue?

Some bearings are part of the drivetrain. AFIK wheel bearings are considered parts of the suspension & considered typical wear & tear.

The powertrain warranty covers the engine and transaxle. Not the wheel bearings. And no. GM doesn’t include the wheel bearings in their powertrain warranty.


I would not consider wheel bearings to be part of a vehicle’s powertrain. I would consider them to be a chassis part. Perhaps the “bearings” GM covers are the ones internal to the engine, transmission, and differential. Those are powertrain components. I would be very surprised if any manufacturer’s powertrain warranty covered wheel bearings.

If your PT Cruiser didn’t come with a warranty booklet with the owners manual this information is available online.

From the front wheel drive component list;
Front Wheel Drive: transaxle case and all internal parts; axle shaft assemblies; constant velocity joints and boots; differential cover; oil pan; transaxle
speed sensors; transaxle solenoid assembly; PRNDL position switch; transaxle electronic controller; torque converter; seals and gaskets for listed

I have found over the years that the extended warranties are useless. Basically anything that goes out is not covered. Only if the transmission drops or engine blows up does it help you.