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Traverse steering gear 2011

My 2011 Traverse makes a slight humming noise when operating. Chevrolet says the steering gear is leaking. Need a new steering gear and pump. Also said it is not covered under the powertrain warranty. Our personal mechanic says it should be covered. In April they replaced the steering gear housing kit free of charge. I am an idiot when it comes to figuring out what is supposed to be covered. Got a number to the manufactures help line and thought I’d call it tomorrow to check on whats covered under the warranty. Have a hard time believing people when it comes to fixing my car. Why would the steering gear housing kit be covered but not the steering gear? Why would a 2011 have problems with the steering gear? I drive like a granny. Have about 62,000 miles on it.

Repairs that you pay for are often “covered” for 1 year.
I’m not sure if that also applies if they’re done under warranty.

So here’s my question.
If the steering gear is leaking, why does the pump also need to be replaced?

When I worked at the dealership, we weren’t allowed to automatically replace the pump for every steering gear (rack or gearbox) that was leaking.
Unless we could prove that the pump was damaged due to low fluid levels.

On such a “new” car you should not have this kind of problem with a steering gear component. This is some sort of defect either in a part(s) or in the assembly of the parts. GM should cover it, make the call.

UncleTurbo, it sounds like the car has no more “new car warranty” left, because it has 62K miles.
The only thing it has is powertrain warranty and emissions warranty.

Steering components don’t fall into either category.

But I agree that it’s really too new to have this kind of a problem yet. Very disappointing.

I would probably also contact GM, for what it’s worth.