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Wheel bearing for Honda CR_V 2002

I recently changed the right handside rear-wheel bearing on my Honda CR-v2002. At first when I asked the Honda auto store for the wheel bearing they said they did not sell the bearing alone but the hub. My automechanic pressed out the bearing and bought a matching one and replaced the worn one.The ABS light is now on in the dash board. What has caused this? How can it be fixed.

The ABS system can be read and fault codes can be retrived. If you don’t see something broken,read the code,write it down,clear the code,see if it comes back.

I couclude when you say “my automechanic” you are not speaking of a pro.

Thanks for your response.
The person is not an Honda specialist. Where would I see the fault code?

Did you reconnect the wheel speed sensor when you put everything back together?

On a scanner that can talk to the ABS computer.

The sensor was indeed reconnected

Then you need to access the ABS codes as oldschool suggested, and see what’s up.