Wheel Bearing Damage after Clutch Replacement

I had my clutch replaced recently on my 2004 Honda Accord. I live about 30-40 minutes away from the shop that I had it done at, but my parents live 3 miles away. I had my Dad pickup the car once it was done and drove it back to his place and there was nothing wrong. I drove it back to my place and started hearing grinding from my wheel bearings and axles. My Dad and I felt the axle being loose and towed it back to the shop. They looked at it and said that the wheel bearings went out and need replaced, but when asked, said that the clutch replacement had nothing to do with it just a coincidence. He later did say that by replacing the clutch, they could have been aggravated during the process. That sounds like it relates and could be the issue, or am I missing something here. If they were bad in the first place, then why did they not tell me in the first place?

If the axle nuts were left loose the wheel bearing will fail if the vehicle is driven.

how many miles on this car?
Have the wheel bearings been replaced before?
Which wheel bearing is bad?

Also if it is over torqued although that may not be as rapid of a failure. Depends on degree of error. Axle nut torque is super critical for bearing life…