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Grinding noise front driver wheel

Had my wheel bearings replaced 3 weeks ago from a mechanic I never went to, as mine was on vacation. 3 days later tire fell off while driving. So we took it to my regular mechanic and had all safety issues fixed. New brakes, rotor, hub. But noticed that a grinding noise appeared. Took it back to mechanic, and he said that it was due to the spindle being slightly bent. Thst it wasnt a safety concerns, but will cause rotor/ brakes to wear out quicker.

I’d like to trust my mechanic, as he has always done good work for me in the past. But am a little shaky over every noise. I’d he correct?How soon should I get it repaired? I just dropped over $600 to get the can drivable again. So if I can push it off until I can afford it that would be great! Otherwise, I might need a small loan to repair.

I don’t understand this situation. Surely something was done wrong with the bearing replacement that caused the wheel to fall off. Why isn’t this other shop footing the bill here?

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probably should have first taken it back to the shop that done the bearing replacement and allow him to fix it at his expense. I assume that the new damage is caused by the wheel falling off. I don’t think you can go back to that shop now and ask for “refund” after another guy worked on it now.

Are you sure the mechanic said spindle being slightly bent?

Because your vehicle doesn’t have any spindles.


We originally contacted the mechanic who did the original work, but he denied any wrong doing. That he did everything correctly and has eyewitness and video proof.

I may just be thinking he said spindle, but he pointed to the bracket that the caliper mounts to.

Because he denied wrong doing and the insurance company says that there isn’t proof that he is the one who caused the incident. We are upset, because there’s only one way for the wheel to come off and that’s lolug nuts.

That’s the caliper mounting bracket.

Get a used one from the junkyard and replace it. Because you don’t want a noise that’s always there that might cover up a noise that shouldn’t be there.


Thank you Tester. I do remember hearing that nowvthay you say it. I think I imagined spindle while trying to explain it to my fiance. I will look into it.