Lost Acceleration

Hi-Hope everyone is well;

So, while I driving on I-5-South, going through the grapevine, I was set on cruise control, steady at 80. All of a sudden my car stopped accelerating and dropped to 60. It would not go past 60mph, even with the gas pedal pushed all the way down. After a few minutes the car was able to get to 80 again but then would knock back down to 60- This happened 3-4 times.

I take really good care of my car, regular oil changes, check ups-etc. it has 105K miles on it and it’s due for a 100K service.

I would love to know your input on what you believe the issue may be-

Cheers and thank you for your time-

Did the check engine light come on? Have you had the error codes read? What are they?

No check engine light? I’d suspect bad fuel pump or clogged fuel filter.

The problem might have been a glitch with drive-by-wire throttle system

Your vehicle doesn’t have a throttle cable between the accelerator pedal and the throttle body.

Instead it has an accelerator pedal position sensor,

which sends a signal to the computer, and from that signal the computer operates the electronic throttle body.


No check engine lights came on, neither did any error messages. My RPM did not increase, no sign of over heating.

It sure would be nice if these people let us know if they fixed their problem, instead of just eliminating their post.


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Could be the computer isn’t allowing operation over a certain speed b/c it detected some problem. If that happened, it would show up as a diagnostic code so that’s the first thing to do , have the diagnostic codes read from the engine computer memory. If there’s no codes, and nothing else pans out, you might take a flyer on having your shop test or replace the crank sensor. That part can be faulty and still not produce any codes.