What's wrong with my car?! There's a humming sound in my front passanger wheel area

I have a 2004 Grand Prix. After driving for about 2 miles over 50 mph I hear this humming sound coming from my front passanger side wheel. It goes on for a few miles then stops then starts up again. Very inconsistant. It goes from loud to soft. It does it whether I’m pressing on the gas pedal or not. It usually stops after I press and hold on the break pedal.It’s been happening off and on for 5 months. I only drive about 25 miles a week in the small town where I live and never hear it during the short drives around town at 35 mph.

I’ve taken the car in numerous times to the dealership and they’ve replaced my tie rod ends, I’ve gotten new front and back breaks, and they even said it could be my steering pump (hasn’t been replaced).

What could it be?

I would check the wheel bearings first. Someone who knows what he/she is doing has to jack the car up and check the system. If the bearings are bad is a safety issue and I would not get the speed up to 35+ MPH until this is resolved.

I would suspect a broken steel belt or tread separation in one or both
Front tires. They are easy to check by jacking up the front wheels and
Running it at low speed. If you detect any wiggle or bounce in the tread
There’s your problem.