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Humming noise from vehicle speed

I have an 04 Pontiac (wifes car) as you start driving you hear a humming noise that starts at about 20mph and gets louder with speed at high speeds it just stay’s steady, changes when changing lanes and gets quieter as you slow down, I know its not the engine or transmission as I can rev the engine and only when the car speeds up the sound changes (louder). I’ve been seeing similar post and its either CV joint or bad bearings but need more of a defined answer from a mechanic who recognizes this situation. Also the sound does make a little vibration felt through the steering wheel and gas pedal but again changes when steering is turned back and forth which I think means it’s somewhere in the drive shaft and axle area or steering system. Again any help with this is very appreciated.

What you describe indicates a worn out wheel bearing. There are a couple of ways to check for this.

Raise either or both front tires off the ground. Grab the tire at the 12:00 oclock and 6:00 oclock positions and try rocking the top and bottom of the tire in and out. If there’s any play in the tire that bearing is worn. If this shows no problem with the bearing, then place one hand on the strut spring and rotate the tire by hand very slowly. A worn bearing will sometimes reveal itself by transmitting it’s roughness into the strut spring where it can be felt.