Humming on noise on acceleration

Hi everyone,

I hit a pot hole. Front left tire went flat and wheel damaged. I changed tired and wheel. After that humming or cyclic roaring sound is coming from front of car when speed goes above 30mph. Front middle or front-right side I can’t really say for sure exactly from where it is coming but it is front. Any idea what it could be. It’s not bad so far. I can still drive at 65mph.

Good idea to take it to a shop w/due speed as there could be a safety issue with a suspension component. Maybe it’s just that some trim piece broke off during the incident, and is rubbing on the wheel. And the other likely possibility is the wheel bearing has been damaged. Which is something you need to get fixed. So take it to a shop, let them put it on the lift. I expect they’ll spot the problem quickly.

From afar, my best guess is that the wheel bearing on that side has been damaged, and that has the potential to be a major safety issue. Because this is not something that falls into the category of “watchful waiting”, I suggest a visit to a competent mechanic very soon.