What's that ticking sound?

I have a 1992 gmc sierra 1500.Recently i started hearing a ticking sound taht’s weirdly coming from under the truck.Could someone please help me figure out what this is.

2 or 4WD?

If 4WD it could be from the front cv-joints.

The noise may also come from something hanging down against a U-joint or wheel.

Maybe even the brake pad wear indicator.

It’s a 2wd.I got under there cause i thoought maybe the muffler was loose and i tightned those up.Then i tightned the oil pan bolts.There’s thgis thing that spins under the truck i have no clue whta it is but i think the noise is coming from it.

If the tick frequency is always the same no matter the speed or revs, then maybe it is a bad linear transducer motor controlling the mixer door in your cooling/heating ducts. Try turning the selector knob more toward heat and see if the ticking stops.