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Ticking noise in a 1999 GMC pickup truck

my husbands GMC truck has an occasional ticking noise coming from the engine area. The noise happens when you crank up although it doesn’t always happen. It will sometimes go several weeks without ticking/clicking. When it does start, the sound usually goes away after the truck “warms up” for a minute. The ticking/clicking does not change pattern when you accelerate. The mechanic said it just needed an oil change, but my husband has made sure to check the oil.

Thank you for any help you can provide!

Yup. I’m not worried about mine doing it. Sometimes it does that.

How many miles does this 12 year old have on it?
What model and engine is it?
And did hubby change the oil or just check it?

Sounds from the post like a typical valvetrain noiise, perhaps a gummed up hydraulic lifter or two. Could also be piston slap. Neither of these conditions is serious.