Ticking sound

My wife’s car is making a ticking sound which is quite clear to the driver - It might come from the driver’s side dashboard, but more likely front left wheel. It doesn’t click when the engine starts, only when the car is moving, and the frequency moves, more or less, with the speed of the car (not the engine).

It sounds like this must be easy to figure out, but I don’t know the answer!

I had 2 grand ams ('85 and '92) and whenever I heard the ticking from one of the wheels it was the indicator telling me that my brake pads needed to be changed.

It could also be a halfshaft starting to exhibit a bit of wear. Sometimes they start off ticking which becomes clicking and then eventually becomes full-fledged knocking.

If the halfshaft is the problem it can go a long time like this if necessary and you can put up with the tick sound.

Check the rubber boots on the front drive shafts and see if that left outer boot is not torn open, which spells the end for that CV joint…

Is there any chance your wife is scheduled to testify in a federal racketeering or other organized crime prosecution?

If so, I’d be very leery of ANY ticking sounds emanating from the drivers side of the car.

Look at the tire tread for something stuck in the tire.

I had a coworker some in one morning complaining about a ticking/tapping noise related the rotational speed of the tire. When I checked the tire, there was a 3/8"X4" long lag bolt stuck in the tire.


You got it. Two nails, one pointing out, one pointing in.