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What's that part called that sits between leaf and axle

On the back axle it sits between axle ang leaf spring and touches a rubber boot on the frame when you overload the vehicle. Mine is rusted and crumpled

You mean the “stop”?
I always called it “the thing on the back axle that sits between the axle and leaf spring and touches a rubber boot on the frame when you overload the vehicle”.

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It’s called an axle bump stop.


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Assuming this is the 1983 or 1987 Ford F150 just don’t overload it. Besides the part is going to be hard to find.

The u bolts are canted to the side and the leaf is coming off the side seems kinda bad to me


That sounds like a separate problem that the bump stop won’t cure. Maybe time to have a suspension shop look at it or find leaf springs at a salvage yard.

It’s not kinda bad.

It’s bad!

Everything is rusted out and needs to be replaced.


This ain’t that kinda truck

Then stop driving it, before the rear axle falls out.


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It ain’t gonna be any kinda truck if that axle breaks off!

You guys crack me up. I’ll see if my used parts guy has one

The parts you’re going to need for both sides are, #9, #13, #14, and #15.

Oh. And the bump stop is #16.


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Does part 9 have a name? I guess lift kits come with them but why would I want a lift kit for this crapper.

Part #9 is a harmonics dampener.

Prevents the spring from creating a vibration/noise at a certain frequency.


13 is the spring perch. Or lift block. Or whatever.

I’ll be kind and keep quiet. I wouldn’t want to cause you to laugh yourself silly.

I agree with Tester; that truck is a tad bit unsafe to drive like that and you are going to need more than one part by the time all of the cutting is done.

That’s a great picture and I never expected to see that setup. I thought there would be no more surprises in a world where the Hupmobile existed. I have made things out of wood that were stranger than that.

Hey buddy does number 7 have a name I can’t find it anywhere only the back bracket is what I found.

7 is the shackle bracket and can be found at most parts stores. By the way I finally got a used bump stop and fixed it. I won’t tell you how many heavy loads I carried with it like that. I even worried myself a few times!