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Rear axle bears?

I was checking the brakes on my f-150 1995 2wd pickup when I notice the axle/wheel moves in and out about a 1/4 of inch on both sides in the rear.

There is no seal leaks,it does not move up or down or side to side…

only in or out…

Is this normal ??

It should have some play in it, yes. 1/4 inch? That may be a bit much. The axle is held in by a c-clip on the inside of the axle at the spider gear. The c-clip rests in a pocket at the end of the gear. The pinion shaft in the axle makes sure the c-clip cannot come out of the pocket and slide off the axle. If your really worried about it, you can remove the cover of the rear axle and see if the c-clip is peeking out of it’s pocket when the axle is shoved inwards. I’d replace the rear axle lube with fresh if you decide to do this.