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2011 Ford F150 - Leaps

I have f150 5.0L , the back leaps spring make a noise when accidental. After I take the brakes off ,the leaps spring rotors or twist and hit on each other,don’ts know what to do. What could cause that?

Well you have me totally confused. The brake hardware is bolted to the axle housing, not the leaf springs.
Suggest you take it to a professional.

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This is a good example of just how bad of an idea the ’ Ask Someone ’ section was.


Please proof read your posts. It will help us understand better and you will get much better results.

Take it to any good independent mechanic.

I think that what you mean is that you had an accident and the LEAF springs rotate Not ROTOR and twist.

The stack of springs are held together by straps around the stack. Then the whole stack is placed over a short post welded to the axle, and large clamps hold the spring stach to the axle.

I presume that either the spring straps have broken in the accident or the post that keeps the stack aligned has been sheered off in the accident.


Hmmm… I translated that he’s getting axle wrap when he accelerates from a stop. But hard to decipher exactly.