2010: Lexus IS 250 vs. Acura TSX

Which would you buy and why?

I prefer a RWD luxury car (IS 250) over a fwd econo plow truck (TSX) any day of the week.
Why buy a luxury car if it can’t perform like one ? Just an opinion.

Neither. Both require the use of premium fuel, which is a deal breaker for me.

The previous generation TSX was a very attractive package. Now, for some reason, Acura has chosen to make all of its models ugly. I don’t get it.

If I were spending this much money I’d be at my local Infinity dealer looking at the G-series.

My choice would be a Civic or Corolla and the price difference in cash.

Assuming both interiors are big enough (the IS is pretty tight), it comes down to personal preference, they’re both good cars. If there was any way for you to save up a little extra cash, I’d try to get the IS350 instead.

Take a long test drive in each, see which one you like.

The IS250…in a drop top.

But you’re comparing apples and oranges. They’re very diferent cars.

If I had to buy one of the two, I’d choose the Lexus because it has rear wheel drive. Both cars have styling that is invisible in traffic. For the money I’d choose among a Benz, a Cadillac CTS is a good buy or a BMW.

From the front end, the TSX is hideous. The last generation one was a bit better looking, but a little buzzy and loud. The IS is quiet and comfortable, but may not be as sporty as the TSX.

If you really can’t appreciate the difference in RWD and FWD in a luxury car, there is little reason to buy any thing more than a Camry/Fusion/Accord etc. The are excellent in their own right and will give you equivalent performance in upper end models of ANY FWD make believe luxury brand.

While rwd is better for handling, there’s more to a luxury car that which wheels get the power. Otherwise a Mustang would be the luxury bargain of the year! If handling is not a priority, then the IS has little ‘luxury’ to offer, being fairly small, not particularly smooth riding, and nicely, but not amazingly, appointed inside. It’s all in the priorities, which vary widely from person to person. A friend bought an IS on a snap judgement, traded it in a week later because of the above limitations. The replacement? A fwd ES350. Smoooooth, which meant ‘luxury’ to her.