Whats a good place to buy oil filter?


What is a good place to buy oil filters?


Wally World!



You can’t be serious . Have them at any parts house and Walmart . Of course you did not even say what Planet you live on.


I own a MB GLK. Walmart does not have my oil filters. If I buy it from MB store, it is almost $20.

If you own a MB GLK, the cost of an oli filter should mean nothing to you.



Rock auto has a wide selection of oil filters; Bosch, Mann, Mahle, Beck/Arnley.

I buy a dozen at a time, good for many years.

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FCP Euro has OE filters for Mercedes at a better price.

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Walmart shows 2 types available at the store near me.

Who cares what the price of the oil filter is? Buy a name brand or original equipment filter, buy the best motor oil that meets your car specs, and drive on. You’re talking about saving the price of a cup of coffee on a part that is vital to your engine.


AutoZone shows an STP at about 6 to 10 dollars and Frams at 16 to 25. Wal Mart showed 20 to 31 so I would say that 20 from the Benz house is not out of line at all on pricing.


Rock Auto has 20 filters for my MB 6 cyl. ranging in price from $0.89 to $24 and you can even chose your desired filter element color.
Shipping is extra but if you have the coupon code it often covers the cost and you won’t have to deal with the Wally World experience.

You could have put what the vehicle was in your first post . If a 20.00 oil filter bothers you just wait until you have service that requires a dealer at a certain mileage to maintain your warranty.

Amazon, NAPA…You might have a local parts store. If you have a problem finding the filters then buy in bulk and save.

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If you are new to car ownership, you may not realize that you do not have to buy the filter unless you are doing your own oil change. If you go to the dealer or a mechanic for the change they will supply the filter, probably at a markup over what you would buy it for. I guess if you went to a small shop with little access to parts they might ask you to bring your filter, but that would be unusual. But overall, $20 for the filter does not sound too bad.

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I usually go to Amazon and Walmart.