What's a good leather cleaner and conditioner?

Would like to treat and condition my car seats. During the winter and of course summer the weather dries it out kind of. Just want to know what you guys are using.

Never had or wanted leather seats except in very old big rigs (pre Korean war and some pre WWII) I have seen my daughter using Zymol, must be a good product, she is extremely fussy about things she owns/

If people didn’t insist on leather seats, they wouldn’t need seat warmers.

I’ve used Lexol and never had any complaints.

Yeah Lexol is good but I switched to Meguires because it smells better. Otherwise good ole saddle soap.

Saddle soap is a good cleaner. Murphy’s Oil soap as well. I like Lexol as well as Meguire’s leather conditioner. The conditioner is what is needed to help nourish the leather. If you have perforated leather seats - the one with the little holes, stay away from Meguire’s. It is too thick and tends to fill the holes and then won’t come out without a lot of work.

Both Lexol and Meguire’s make leather cleaners also.And both work well.

I’ve been happy with Leather Honey conditioner and the cleaner.

I’ve had great success over the years with Zymol leather cleaner and conditioner, which is a two-step process.

I’ve used saddle soap, Zymol, and Meguire’s with success. Mustangman makes a good point about avoiding Meguire’s leather conditioner if you have the perforated seats (ask me how I know that!)

The best is Leatherique, but it’s also fairly expensive and is a 2-step application process which requires putting the conditioner on first, then leaving the car closed up in the sun on a hot day for several hours, then wiping them down with the cleaner.

That said, I’ve got an 11 year old car with seats that don’t look any more than 1 year old, so it’s worth the once-a-year effort.

Try the Dallas Paint Correction you tube channel for amusing leather cleaning tips.

Connolly Hide Care is another good, but pricey, product. I buy a kit that has a bottle of cleaner and a jar of treatment. Later I buy more jars of treatment because the bottle of cleaner lasts a LONG time…

Lexol worked well for me on past cars, although my current car says to use very dilute Woolite instead. If your car will be unused for a few days, that’s a great time to apply a conditioner and leave it unbuffed until you need the car.

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