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What year/make do I buy parts for? I'm clueless! Help!

My '73 Mustang had the Cleveland 351 2bl removed and a 460 4bl was put in it instead. I’ve been buying parts for the original engine, and not surprisingly, not all of them fit! Anyway, on the right side of the engine, there is an emissions sticker that says, “D6AE-9C485-HE” and Engine family, “460 CID”

It also says “Edelbrock” on the front of it on top. There is also a sticker on the left front that says “GK 469 AG” and some holes are punched out for “L” and “2”

I can be quite sure it is a ford because it says on both sides “Power by Ford”

Any clue? I’m sick of buying parts by trial and error!!!

I would call a company that deals with these kinds of things quite often. Jegs comes to mind. They should be able to help you out in what parts you needs.

There’s also a place down here called ‘Mustangs Unlimited’ that deals exclusively with Ford products. If you have an Edelbrock intake, this car probably has more performance goodies on it, and a lot of ‘stock’ stuff may not fit. The 460 is a much larger engine, and I can’t think of any 351 Cleveland parts that will fit. Parts will need to be ordered based on the engine. I know the early 70’s Ford Ranger Pick-ups had some models with the 460 in them. But, these were low compression motors with a LOT of torque, but not as much high-end horsepower. I suspect this engine has been re-worked and ‘sooped-up’, meaning a lot of basic 460 specs may not work either. Distributor, cap and rotor may work, but spark plugs may be a touch cooler. It may be best to remove the part you need to replace, and have it looked up by part number.

It depends on what you’re buying, eh?

The sticker on your valve cover tells us that your engine was manufactured in 1976 (well, that sticker was manufactured in 1976, we have to assume that it’s on the correct engine).

The Edelbrock… is that on the intake manifold? What about the carburetor? Is it an Edelbrock or a Motorcraft?

Could you take a picture of your under-hood setup? Maybe a few detailed pictures? I and maybe some of the other Ford guys here could give you a hand.

Until you figure it out, if the parts store goobers hassle you for an actual make/model/year, just say 1976 Thunderbird 7.5L or something like that.

You need to decode the engine. I think??? these engines were stamped with the same VIN as the vehicle starting at one time or the other but Ford never really got a system and stuck with it seems.
You might check the lower left side of the engine block underneath the cylinder head and see if there is a set of letters and numbers there. If so, you should be able to use that to decode the engine as to year.

I’ve got an engine book but it only goes up into the late 70s. Locate and post the VIN and we might be able to sort out what year, etc. for sure.

As to the Edelbrock part of this you no doubt have an aftermarket aluminum intake manifold on it, and possible the carburetor also.
You should continue this under your previous discussion.