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Fe-460 swap

I am thinking of doing a 460 swap into a 1970 f350. It has an fe 360 bb and a 4 speed in it right now. If I find a doner truck, what parts would I need (I would be using the tranny that comes with the 460). Would I need the motor mounts? tranny mount? what else? How about using a 1973-79 doner. are there any changes in the frame and such?

All of these parts would be coming from a local Pull a part junkyard.


anyone have any advice?

Not many people, if any, are going to know off the top of their heads all the parts you may need for this project. If you want to undertake such a project it is going to be up to you to do all the necessary research and preparation. Also be prepared to replace parts that you aren’t expecting to have to.

this is part of that reaserch.

The 460 and 390 are both FE big blocks and will interchange as far as bolting up but it seems that there will be some differences in manifolds and the water pump. If you have the complete 460 you may be in business. But if it’s just the long block you’re in for some modifications.

Excuse me, you have a 360. But the 360, 390 and 410 are identical except for the deck height.

cough A 460, 385 series engine is NOT an FE engine. Look it up on wikipidia if you must. if you remember, an fe’s intake mainfold is part of the head where the valve cover is, a 460 is not. 429-460 is different than 360-390-410’s.

Very, very few if any of these engines came with stick shifts. So to do your conversion you will have to convert the truck to an automatic… If you want a 460 Ford P/U, just buy one…MUCH cheaper than trying to convert yours…

it would have a slap shifter of some sort. Not worried about converting, these trucks all had options for an auto. (and it is not a p/u)