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What wiring harness, installation kit needed to install double din kenwood radio

Hi guys! I have a 2009 Pontiac Vibe GT. It’s got a Monsoon subwoofer, my radio volume knob broke and now I just sit in silence. Anyone of you fellows know what all i need to install a kenwood double din stereo. The model number for the stereo is a DNX570HD. I had this radio in my old 2008 Chevy cobalt. So I have the old harnesses from that car. I took the old manufactured radio out to see if the harnesses were the same and some were. Only difference is the Pontiac has a volume button on the steering wheel that I’d like to keep using if it works. So the installation kit, harnesses and whatever else I may need to get the sub to still work. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, I want to do it on my own if possible. Do I have to mess with the battery or plug anything into fuse boxes? Thanks!!

Crutchfield Audio is your friend here. Look them up on the web.They have tons of adapter cable sets to do exactly what you want. That is IF the Kenwood unit will accept the signals from the steering wheel and can send the proper signals to the sub. A careful read of the Kenwood manual will explain if that is possible.


Crutchfield should have the brackets and wiring harnesses to do the swap. I was able to get the parts to swap an aftermarket CD player from a 98 Windstar to a 93 Caprice a few years back.

Good luck,

Ed B.

20 years ago AutoZone looked up and sold me the right harness for a much-simpler system. I bet you can find it on eBay. I found carburetors (didn’t buy) there. They have a sophisticated auto section.

Wow! Thank you guys so much! I’m pretty sure the wiring harness from my 08 cobalt will fit my 09 vibe. When I took out the old radio I checked the ends and made sure they fit. I checked out crutchfield and they have the installation kit. And it comes with instructions on how to remove the old radio! I do remember when my kenwood was in my cobalt it had many many settings that included subwoofer settings so my fingers are crossed! I appreciate all your responses. Now let’s see if this girl can figure it out!

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Check closely. The Vibe is essentially a Toyota Matirix; a Corolla wagon. The Cobalt is not a Toyota. Your harness might work, but make sure before you pull the Cobalt harness.