Radio knob

I just purchased a 2009 Pontiac Vibe, I love it, but I didn’t notice that the radio knob was broken, I can’t control the volume. Actually if I turn it just right it will catch but it’s very difficult to do and I have to be parked to play with it. Is there a way to fix the knob?

Is the car still under warranty?

If the warranty is still in effect you can probably get them to swap out the radio. Otherwise you’ll have to replace it yourself. They don’t really repair radios any more, they just replace them.

You could probably get an aftermarket radio for a lot less than a Pontiac factory radio.

Want a cheap fix?
Pull it straight back, off the control shaft.
It should be obvious what failed looking in the hole on the backside of the control knob.
Regardless, squeeze some RTV or similar adhesive into the hole and slide it back into position. Don’t go crazy with the amount, use only enough to fill it 3/4 full or so. You don’t want a mess squeezing out and gluing things you don’t want glued.
Let it cure and viola!
Using an adhesive like RTV will allow you to pry it off in the future should it need to come off to remove the radio. Most home improvement and hardware stores will carry RTV silicone adhesive. Ask if you need help finding it.

Your radio is covered by warranty the same way the rest of the car is. Here is AZ I worked for a firm out of Phoenix that provided warranty radio (and cluster)service for the then “big three”.Put your car in for service just like any other issue.