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What Type of Electrical Connector is This?

What type of connector is this? Where can I buy it and what type of tool do I need to crimp it together?




All it says on the outside is Symbol (Dot over line) AMPS and on the other side a small 11. (It doesn’t look like the AMPS and the 11 are related.)

What kind of car did it come from and where on that car?

The Connector that plugs into the back of the cigarette lighter in a 2000 Honda Civic DX.

I would look for a Honda in a junk/salvage yard and check for the connector. I would check other car makes too, it’s probably a fairly common connector if it’s for a cigarette lighter.

Ed B.

Ok, I have done more research. I am looking for the black housing. It is impossible to use use one again once they have been crimped. I assume this is a SAE standard connector. Does anybody know what standard this connector conforms to?

“It is impossible to use use one again once they have been crimped.”

Not entirely. You can cut the wires to the new and old connectors, leaving a few inches of length. Then strip about 1/2" of insulation, twist the wires together, and solder them. Then cover the patch with electrical tape. If you really want to get fancy, put shrink tubing over one of the wires before you twist them together. Then place the shrink tube over the patch and shrink it with an industrial strength hair dryer.

I assume you want to repair this. I’m guessing the back of the “power outlet” has two spades at 90? to each other. On the connector end, you can slip a very slim screwdriver down the backside of each of the contacts in the black housing to release the connector. The connectors are standard and can be bought at any car parts stores or hardware store. Crimp a new connector on the wire and insert it back into the housing till it clicks.