I Want To Connect With A Headlight Assembly Connector

The headlight assembly gang connector for the left side headlight assembly of my 2000 Buick Century Custom has a bad connecting female pin socket so I want to replace it. A couple years ago I saw one at an aftermarket auto parts for about $60 that connects to the connector’s wiring leads with butt connectors. But instead I was able to slip a tiny piece of metal in the pin socket to put the pin on a bind. I can’t get this to stay tight long though. So for this small part I’m thinking I could do better on Amazon than a parts store. Yet I’ve typed in all kinds of possible descriptions for this connector and can’t find what I’m looking for. I am attaching pictures of this connector in this post. Might anyone know exactly what the proper description of this connector is so hopefully Amazon can recognize it and sell me one?

Well, first off, trying to search for a headlight connector pigtail on Amazon is like trying to find a penny in a cave with a penlight.

Go to RockAuto and search for the headlight connector pigtail under your car’s make, model and year. Either order that part number from Amazon or just order it from RockAuto.

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This is what you want


It costs $62. When you install it, do NOT use wire nuts like I see in the photo. Wire nuts are not meant for that task. Use crimp connectors or solder the wires and use heat shrink tubing over the splice.

Looks like GM used that connector for several things


Fuel pump connector
Cruise control module
Headlight assembly

Have you thought of repinning the connector yourself?

That’s how you learn how to do this stuff.



I just bought a new connector from NAPA, in stock, no problem. Rock has them too. Complete with the pigtails you just solder to the existing wires. Haven’t used mine yet. Waiting for the bulb to go out, then I’ll replace it. Spreading the bulb pins pretty much solved the issue.

Thanks to all for replies. Because of them, I have found the connector in Amazon

Great photos. That helps a lot.