What type of coolant for TOYOTA?

I need to add a little radiatior coolant in my 2007 Toyota Corolla. With the engine cold, the level sits at the low mark. There is a reddish coolant in their now. I asked the dealer what type of coolant could I add ( like Prestone ) and they told me that it takes a special Toyota coolant . They said swing by and they will top it off for me. This is not practical at the moment since they are not close by. My question is are they telling me the truth. Why wouldn’t I be able to safely add like Prestone antifreeze? Thanks for any advice.

check manual and warranty …First, you don’t want to mix different formulations of antifreeze…Second…red antifreeze “formulated” for toyota engines for 100,000 miles?

Don’t mix colors!

Go to a parts store and get some red antifreeze made for Toyota vehicles, or go to the dealer and let them fill it up, especially if they will do it free.

This is not a dire emergency. As long as the reservoir does not go below the “low” line you are fine.

Toyota has long used a special red coolant. It is ethylene glycol, similar to Prestone, but with extra refinements to remove all the silica. Until you have the system flushed and filled, as per the scheduled maintenance, continue to use the red Toyota blend. This will prevent problems should a warranty issue come up. Once the system needs to be flushed and filled, you can use any ethylene glycol brand without special flushes or drains.

Thanks for the info. Now I am worried about my other cars and what I may have put in them or will have to in the future. I have a Buick,Chevy and a Chrysler van. Do they all take different/specific engine coolants?

Make sure the Buick and Chevy do or don’t use Dexcool. Dexcool is NOT compatible with green coolants, and should not be mixed. Engine damage will result if mixed. Dexcool is ORANGE, and usually there are labels on the coolant reservoir to say so. Some even come with orange reservoir caps. They can be changed to regular green, but require a complete flush out to remove all traces of Dexcool before using green.