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Toyota Coolant Compatibility

Just got an '06 Corolla with 90K miles. Looks like it has the original “Toyota Super Long Life Coolant” described in the owner’s manual. Is this coolant (red color) compatible with conventional green coolant or do I need to get the Toyota brand?

It’s a bad idea to mix colors. If you want to use the green coolant you will have to drain and flush the cooling system and then refill with the green stuff. Otherwise stick to coolant labeled as Toyota compliant.

Mixing types of coolant can lead to gelling, and gel does not make a good engine coolant.

I got the Toyota brand at dealership. Despite the extra expense, I did this
because I wanted to assure I didn’t breakdown the Toyota Super Long life
coolant by adding “regular” coolant. I just needed a bit to top-off on a 2004 Camry.

I have read if you mix coolants, the super long life reverts to regular life,
as for my Dodge from the 80s. There, the recommended service is change/flush
coolant every 2 years.

Recommendation: cough up the $25 or so to get genuine Toyota coolant to top
off if your reservoir is low.

There are “global” coolants out there now that say that they’ll mix with anything, but just to be safe I would normally add the exact match stuff.

And just fyi: I am really skeptical about any of the “long life” coolants. I don’t care what kind. The cooling system should just be drained & flushed out every 2 yrs/30,000 miles or so. If I were you I’d be looking to follow that and replace with a “global” coolant the next time it is flushed.

The big deal with Toyota coolant is that it is designed specifically to lubricate the water pump of your Corolla. I have always stuck with the red Toyota coolant and I have never had a water pump failure.

Yes, stick with the Toy stuff. When it needs to be changed, put more of the Toy stuff in and use distilled or deionized water if you have hard water. I have no problem going for the recommended duration as long as the water is good.