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Antifreeze color

I’m confused on what antifreeze color to use in my Toyota. It’s time to change the coolant. the AAA magazine says to use only the color the manufacturer recommends - in my case red or pink. My local mechanic says he uses one type for GM cars, DEXCOOL, and one other for all other cars. The Prestone container claims their antifreeze is good for all colors of antifreeze. Who do I believe?

I had a Toyota and stuck with Toyota antifreeze. I had a gm with dexcool and dumped it for peak global. There are many options but I would use the toyota antifreeze in a toyota and a universal coolant in a car with dexcool. My opinion.

Use Toyota pink or red coolant only. No ifs ands or buts. For a fluid that stays in your vehicle for so long, why take a chance on something different? Because it costs a few dollars less? No way.


Use what is listed in the owner’s manual!

I too use only Toyota Extra Long Life antifreeze. Mine comes pre-mixed, nothing to worry about.

Antifreeze color is just a dye added by the manufacturer and regretably it does not seem to be a reliable guide to replacement possibilities. I’d either use exactly the stuff recommended by the manufacturer or find out the chemical composition of the manufacturer recommended stuff and make sure that the replacement antifreeze is basically the same stuff and explicitly claims to be compatible.

Use the Toyota antifreeze, and get a new mechanic.

I use supertech from wmt (extended version), prestone extended and have even used peak and advanced auto brand in all my camrys (1994 - two of them, 2005 camry) and 2004 honda. I’ve never had issues. I change them out at 10-20K though to keep it fresh. forget toyota and honda fluids. I’ve used all aftermarket stuff in all cars and no issues but it’s cheaper