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What type of car should i get

i need a car that is under 10k and it should look cool. i want a car with power but it can only use regular gas

If you can find one that meets all those criteria and is reliable too, let me know. I want one too.

What’s power to you ? A v6 is enough for most, a Taurus will do. You want it to just spin tires ? How about a 2wd used Ford F150 with a v8 and no weight in the back. Otherwise, there are lots of cheap used Chrysler Products around with larger than needed motors if reliability is no concern.

“Cool” is a highly subjective term.

In the Wal-Mart parking lot, it appears that old Camaros with jacked up rear suspensions get the vote for being cool.
On the Princeton U. campus, a Prius with Save The Earth bumper stickers is considered to be a cool car.
In the inner city, Black Cadillac Escalades with “pimp” wheels seem to attract the most attention (or at least they attract the attention of the local cops to a great extent).

If you can give us some ideas of what cars you consider to be “cool” we will have a better idea of what looks good to you.

Based on your post:

  1. You want a car under $10k
  2. You want a cool car
  3. You want a car with power
  4. You want a car that uses regular gas.

Well, my suggestions for those four cars are:

  1. Three-year-old Hyundai Sonata
  2. 1966 Jaguar Series 1 E-type roadster
  3. Mercedes CL 65 – 605 HP & 740 fp torque
  4. See #1

Enjoy them!


Try any Mazda Miata that is oid enough to be priced at $10K. Preety cool, not powerful but enough to be entertaining with a 5 speed. I think it uses regular gas.

What about a Mitsubishi Eclipse? Or a Honda Prelude?